Camp Koby Letters

Camp Koby Letters

Dear Camp Koby and Yosef,

Thank you for creating this camp.
Already I miss all the great trips and delicious food, the counselors and friends who are like my brothers and sisters. I especially miss my bunk and the swimming pool. Thank you for the 10 days I felt at home at camp. If only it could go on and on
Please don't forget me next time!

Dear Camp Koby and Yosef (may their souls rest in Eden),

This is the second year that my son was received warmly by you. I felt the need to share with you what has taken place this past year.

He was a quiet and introverted boy suffering from high level anxiety. When I sent him last year to Camp Koby his daily routine suited a child with the following description: He feared bathing on his own; He did not flush the toilet for fear of the noise the flushing made. There were instances where he sat outside of the house holding the key to the door for two hours in broad daylight, waiting for someone to enter the house with him.

From an early age, he stuttered, and was unable to carry on a regular conversation, resulting in peer teasing. The above behavior has isolated him from potential friends. He never brought a friend home. His afternoons were spent in front of the
television. He likes playing on the computer. The computer is in his room but he wouldn't enter the room alone. Computer games involving fighting, boxing, etc., were played without the sound. He finally said that he is sick of this life.

This sad scenario ended when he returned from Camp Koby last year. We sent the above son to the camp and the son who returned is independent, full of
self-confidence and relates well with his peers. I haven't a clue what went on at the camp, I can only guess that the staff was very professional, and that
the counselors were like friends.

I will never forget the look of sadness in his eyes when I picked him up from camp. I promised him that next year he will also go to the camp. I deeply thank you. You have saved my child. Nowadays he bathes on his own, brings friends home
and we were able to part from his caretaker. Thank you in the name of the entire family, and in the name of his future. Thank you Koby and Yosef who
are no longer with us, may their souls rest in peace.

--With permission to publicize this letter anonymously

To the Koby Mandell Foundation,

I would like to express a few words of thanks regarding Camp Koby:
First of all I applaud you on the initiative.
Secondly, for the pleasure you have granted me.
Thirdly for all the expense.
And if I go on to tell, there will be many pages to be filled Therefore I will say it all in one sentence;

This was the greatest and most fun camp I ever went to. Therefore thank you very very much for all the investment and personal attention to each and every one of us.
Thank you.

Dear Reuven and Seth,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to you and all who have taken part in the holy mission of Camp Koby. My daughter enjoyed herself very much.

May God grant that you will always merit to bring happiness and to be happy with everyone.

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