This Week's Thought - Freedom

This Week's Thought - Freedom



 This Week's Thought From The Koby Mandell Foundation  


- Seth Mandell  


Every Hebrew letter has an equivalent number.  When the sum of the letters of two Hebrew words (the gematria) match each other, they are connected.

If you take the  number of cups of wine we drink at the Seder – 4-  and multiply  by  the Gematria of  the Hebrew phrase  ëåñ ééï  (Cup of Wine)  it equals the Gematria of  çéøåú - Hebrew  for Freedom. 

If you multiply the number of Matzot on the Seder plate –3- by the Gematria for the phrase ìçí òðé (Bread of Affliction) you get the Gematria of  çéøåú – Freedom.

Wine, which frees us from our inhibitions, and matzah, the food of simplicity, offer us symbols for emotional and physical freedom.   

With emotional freedom we are free from the anxiety, fear, envy, and guilt that keep us from feeling fully alive. Pesach encourages us to free ourselves from attraction to negative emotions and in parallel to break free from our craving for material things that bring us only temporary happiness. 

The Haggadah tells us to imagine we personally were brought out of bondage in Egypt.  Pesach liberates us to appreciate the positive in our lives; our family, our friends, our community and our connection G-d and the Jewish people.

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