This Week's Thought - Remembering

This Week's Thought - Remembering



 This Week's Thought From The Koby Mandell Foundation  


- Sherri Mandell  


Passover is over. But every day our prayers still mention the Exodus from Egypt. 

Why this emphasis on remembering the Exodus?

Perhaps because our collective memory of salvation forms us as a nation. It's what makes the Jewish people a family.

But collective memory is by nature transient, fleeting.

There are many new arrivals to our town who don't know the story of Koby and Yosef. We are trying to remedy that by working with the school here to tell the boys' story.

But think about it. What did your great grandfather do for a living? Where was your great grandmother's birthplace? Our family history vanishes if we don't make an effort to embed it in our consciousness.
Remembering has to be active.  Memory has to be highlighted or it is forgotten.

The Seder night is an active process. We tell the story of the Exodus through ritual. By telling and hearing stories we connect to each other and to our history.
Perhaps making connections is why we love stories. The Hebrew word for story is related to the word sapir, sapphire, something precious.

At Camp Koby we remember the victims of terror attacks and give the survivors a place to tell their stories. 

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