This Week's Thought - A Camp Koby Story

This Week's Thought - A Camp Koby Story



 This Week's Thought From The Koby Mandell Foundation  


- Sherri Mandell

A Camp Koby Story

After I shared Koby's story with a group of elementary school girls at Camp Koby I was surrounded by  5 eight year old girls who wanted to tell me their stories.

One little girl said: "My father died when I was four." She spoke softly; her large brown eyes were looking right at me. "But I didn't know that it meant that I wouldn't see him again." She described how confusing it was for her the day he died, how she didn't know he had died and she came home and all these people were in her house and her mother took her into a room and told her.

"And I didn't go to the funeral,"  she said.  " They gave me a choice and I chose to go to my cousin's house."

"You're thinking about that choice." 


These are the kinds of intimate conversations with children that happen at Camp Koby.

A visitor said to me: "Instead of being kids others pity you turn these bereaved children into heroes." I smiled. Then she added, "The grief becomes a source of strength."

Exactly our mission at Camp Koby.  A place to be real, to share, to feel cared for and loved - a place to grow. And to be happy.  And to transform pain into power.


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