Programs For Bereaved Parents and Widows

Programs For Bereaved Parents and Widows

Programs For Bereaved Parents and Widows

Grief counseling program for widows in the Gush Etzion area.

This is the third year that widows meet with a professional facilitator and share activities including art therapy and singing and prayer.

Grief counseling program for bereaved mothers in the Jerusalem area.
Led by a psychotherapist, this is a new group for recently bereaved mothers from terror attacks and other tragedies.

Widows group in the Haifa area.
Led by a professional therapist who has experience with groups for families who have lost loved ones in the army, the group focuses on finding new meaning after the loss of a husband.

Ongoing groups in psychodrama in the Jerusalem area.
Led by Tzippi Cedar, the group helps bereaved mothers process difficult feelings and ongoing questions that they cope with.

Yoga and belly dancing for bereaved mothers: Weekly in Jerusalem.
A time to relax and let go of all of the anxiety and grief that mothers carry with them. The yoga is taught by a bereaved mother who participates in the Koby Mandell Foundation activities.

Drama class:
Bereaved mothers are working on a play that will help the public at large understand the unique needs of the bereaved.

Spiritual healing group in English:
Led by a spiritual healing facilitator, the ongoing group helps bereaved women and couples.

Care Packages for Bereaved Mothers:
Newly bereaved mothers receive a care package that tells them that the Koby Mandell Foundation is thinking of them. 

Email list in English and in Hebrew:
E mail groups where couples and women feel comfortable sharing the ongoing conflicts they live with after losing a child.

We also run a 5 day summer healing program for English speaking bereaved parents from North America.

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