This Week's Thought - Gems

This Week's Thought - Gems



 This Week's Thought From The Koby Mandell Foundation  


- Sherri Mandell



Somebody I didn't know, a prisoner from a state penitentiary, wrote me recently.

"My son died in a car accident. I read your book and I wanted to let you know that it helped me."

I wrote him back thanking him and in his next letter he wrote:  "Two years from now when I am released, I would like to come to Israel but I'm afraid it will be too dangerous."

He's in a federal prison, living with criminals and murderers but is afraid to come to Israel!

I told this story to one of the comedians now touring with Comedy for Koby.  He laughed and told me:  "A story like that is a precious jewel. You should tell it with more care and give it more time." He paused and said in his sonorous voice: "It should be presented to the audience so that it can be admired, like a gem."

A gem has facets, flat surfaces, cut into it in order to reflect more light.
Each child at Camp Koby has a unique story. No one would call these stories gems. Still you could say that the attention and care the children receive at camp creates shining facets in their continuing stories, openings that reveal light. 

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