This Week's Thought - Giving Voice: Holocaust Remembrance Day

This Week's Thought - Giving Voice: Holocaust Remembrance Day



 This Week's Thought From The Koby Mandell Foundation  


- Sherri Mandell


Giving Voice: Holocaust Remembrance Day


This morning after the siren in commemoration of the six million who died in the Holocaust, a friend called to tell me that she cried on Yom ha Shoah: she wishes her parents were still alive. She would like to speak to them. Her father's first family was killed in the Shoah, and she doesn't know where or how. He didn't speak about it. He continued forward, formed a new family, immigrated to America, and worked his whole life.


"He couldn't speak about his loss because it was just too painful," she says. But she's never told me about her father's first family. She has kept his silence.


But in Israel on Yom Hashoah the television shows images of emaciated bodies being thrown into pits and ovens in Europe 60 years ago. All day there are films and interviews, as if to prove: yes, this really happened. The two extremes—the searing cry and silence of the siren – as well as the public testimony both articulate the horror of what happened.


My friend would like to speak to her parents to tell them that their grandchildren now serve in elite units in the Israeli army. They would be so proud.

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