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'I am raising six children on my own since my husband passed away and when I first heard about camp, I thought 'great, free camp'. I had no idea how much MORE than 'free camp' I would actually be getting. My children have found a place where they are comfortable. They told me that they hadn't even realized how uncomfortable they were in their 'regular' lives until they experienced how at ease they felt with their new Machane Koby friends. They felt understood and could just be themselves! They could be happy when they chose to and sad when they needed to and then be happy again. And that was all accepted and understood. Machane has given them a freedom of space to help find their equilibrium. The counselors are incredible and shower my kids with unconditional love. Machane exemplifies the absence of superficial social boundaries, Machane is a FAMILY! 

Mother of Camp Koby Campers

Camp Koby & Yosef

Camp Koby - Machane Koby V' Yosef provides children whose parents or siblings were murdered in terror attacks with a safe, fun and therapeutic environment.  Surrounded by their peers, specially trained counselors, and professional therapists, children feel comfortable expressing the grief and anxiety that accompanies the sudden death of a parent or sibling. The children also have a great time and enjoy sports, swimming and trips. It's a place where these kids can be kids.

Camper Registration Currently Closed
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