All of our programs are based on our innovative threefold approach:
Recreation, Creative Therapy, and Community Building.

Camp Koby & Yosef Summer Camp

"We are all going through the same thing. We all have the same story. We are family. Camp Koby is home."


Camp Koby & Yosef Alumni Community

Machane Koby V'Yosef doesn't end when you age out of camp... Keep the connection strong with year round activities.


Camp Koby & Yosef

Year-Round Activities

Stay connected to the Machane Koby V'Yosef family throughout the year with reunions, programs and activities.

Holding Hands

Never Alone


Social & Governmental guidance for bereaved families


Bereaved Women's Programs

Retreats, weekly classes and support groups encourage bereaved women to share their pain and their hopes. 

Holding Hands

Couples & Families

Healing and community events for bereaved couples and families

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