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All of our programs are based on our innovative threefold approach:
Recreation, Creative Therapy, and Community Building.

"We are all going through the same thing. We all have the same story. We are family. Camp Koby is home."

Camp Koby & Yosef Summer Camp


Machane Koby V'Yosef doesn't end when you age out of camp... Keep the connection strong with year round activities.

Camp Koby & Yosef Alumni Community


Stay connected to the Machane Koby V'Yosef family throughout the year with reunions, programs and activities.

Camp Koby & Yosef

Year-Round Activities

Holding Hands


Social & Governmental guidance for bereaved families

Never Alone


Retreats, weekly classes and support groups encourage bereaved women to share their pain and their hopes. 

Bereaved Women's Programs

Holding Hands

Healing and community events for bereaved couples and families

Couples & Families

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