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The Koby Mandell Foundation's Mothers' and Widows' Healing Programs offer bereaved women and widows support groups and other therapeutic activities like psychodrama and mosaics.  These groups provide women with opportunities to create, to express themselves, and to heal.

Each year the Koby Mandell Foundation provides retreats for bereaved mothers and widows. Each retreat offers support groups as well as massage and yoga. Women, who are often the caregivers in the family, return to their homes feeling cared for and nurtured. In addition, there is an annual trip to the Dead Sea.


I signed up for this retreat as soon as I heard of it. The Koby Mandell Foundation has been a life-saving experience for me and everything they do is “just what I need.” It was originally described as a retreat for bereaved mothers, but ultimately turned out to include women with a variety of stories, some with terrible challenges despite not being bereaved, some at a cross-roads in their lives, and some seeking enrichment and empowerment.

The chemistry clicked between us all immediately. And with each new day it became more and more electric. We laughed more than I have ever laughed before. We cried, too. Sometimes together and sometimes alone in our rooms – or at least I did. We had a wonderful facilitator with us – Shulamit Lando – who guided us on amazing voyages into our hearts and souls through her workshops. We had Shira Chernoby with her strong massaging hands – who enriched every moment and spent time getting to each one of us. We had Sherrie Mandell, who is not only the most sensitive of women, but it turns one of the funniest I have ever met. And we did “ordinary” tourist things, such as going to the beach, getting a drinks in a tavern, and of cource – shopping!

Paros is a place of extraordinary peace, quiet, and beauty. Its beaches are pristine, its towns clean and quaint.  I would highly recommend this experience for any woman who is seeking friendship, support, a chance to breathe, an opportunity to grow and relax in a safe and detached environment.  And eat gourmet kosher food!