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Women's Programs Are Back!

Creative Writing, Styling, Retreats, Trips...

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Colorful Mosaic Tiles


The Koby Mandell Foundation's Mothers' and Widows' Healing Programs offer terror bereaved women and widows support groups and other therapeutic activities like psychodrama and mosaics.  These groups provide women with opportunities to create, to express themselves, and to heal.

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Each year the Koby Mandell Foundation provides retreats for terror bereaved mothers and widows. Each retreat offers support groups as well as massage and yoga. Women, who are often the caregivers in the family, return to their homes feeling cared for and nurtured. In addition, there is an annual trip to the Dead Sea.

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"I would highly recommend this experience for any woman who is seeking friendship, support, a chance to breathe, an opportunity to grow and relax in a safe and detached environment."

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