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     To Help.         To Heal.         To Inspire.

For more than 20 years, The Koby Mandell Foundation has helped bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings who have lost loved ones due to an act of terror and other tragedies to rebuild their lives and create meaning out of suffering.


Since the outbreak of the war, the staff of The Koby Mandell Foundation has been actively responding to a variety of critical needs facing families bereaved from this round of terror 


Intensive Bereavement & Trauma Training for Mental Health Professionals - professional training for mental health professionals to learn how to provide group therapy support for the bereaved community.


Newly Bereaved Family Healing Days – Creative therapy gatherings and support sessions for newly bereaved families of October 7th providing an opportunity to come together, talk, support each other and start the road to healing and resilience in a professionally guided program.


Opening eight new weekly support groups for newly bereaved mothers and widows in Ofakim, Jerusalem, Rishon L'Tzion and the Shomron.


A series of 10 Overnight Healing Retreats for newly bereaved family members, with 8-10 families at each retreat.  Programming and therapeutic sessions held for all age groups will include music, art, recreation, drama and nature therapy as well as resilience building seminars. 


Preparation for Camp Koby Summer 2024 for newly bereaved children aged 6-18 as well as the opening of support groups for bereaved fathers, widowers and adult siblings/orphans.

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The Koby Mandell Foundation

The Koby Mandell Foundation
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Why is Camp Koby So Important?

Why is Camp Koby So Important?

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Eliana Mandell Braner on I24 News

Eliana Mandell Braner on I24 News

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Real Talk with Sheri Mandell

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18 Summers of Camp Koby V'Yosef

18 Summers of Camp Koby V'Yosef

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